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Nueva revision de Servicios Prestados 2015
Nueva versión de Analisis Contributivo con Depreciaciones
Nueva revision de Contribuciones de PR 2015
Nueva revision Nominas de PR 2015
Nueva version de Contribuciones de PR - Otras Planillas (conducto)
Actualizacion del Programa para analisar contributivamente a su nuevo cliente
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Our programs range the simplest form of Income Tax to Taxable Corporations and Partnerships, Caudal Relicto, Heritage form, Estate and Gift, Corporation of Individuals, Industrial Incentives, IVU by towns and many more.

Do not allow other companies to offer separate products for each of these required government forms, our products are integrated into only two main products "Contributions of PR" and "Contributions of PR - Other Forms".

Download the demo for free, these are full versions that you can then continue to use when you order them with your actual data, please...

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Nominas de PR 2010 (a payroll program)

Dear Friend:

Now you can install this great program to all your customers at no additional cost, the current version is completely free in the preparation of payroll, reports, entry of new employees, vacations and sick leave calculations, etc.

The part of the program that your customer can’t use is that part were you can do quarterly returns; this will obviously guarantee that you’ll keep your share of the payment for your service.

Better News ...
We have a trick for you on how you can work on clients from the comfort of your office or residence. Why go to the office of your client to bring the data for accounting and payroll if you can do it remotely? This is the link for requirements and instructions


About our Desktop Income Tax software
Contribuciones de PR 2011 y Contribuciones de PR – Otras Planillas
(Income Tax Returns and Income Tax Returns – Other forms)

Do not allow other companies to get your money easily by selling each individual module to file returns ... we include virtually all returns that are filed each year in April and many that are filed during the year in two very easy to obtain and operate pieces of softwares.

The two programs indicated above are all that you’ll need to file all required forms to the government which are ...

Income Tax Short Form and Long, CRIM, 1040PR, Domestic Corporations, Corporations, Individuals, Industrial Incentives, Corporate Annual Report, Special Partnerships, Corporations Taxable; Estate and Gift Taxes form, Municipal IVU, Municipal Patente, Non Profit Entities, Cuadal Relicto, Heritage and many more ...

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